Back in Action with the 3rd Round of JOYA Kickboxing Championship 2012

The JOYA Kickboxing Champion Championship 2012 continuous with the 3rd Round, on Sunday 20 and 21 October 2012 , on the Ring at Fight Club Central Gym , 125 Veikou Avenue in Galatsi at the Indoor Basketball stadium in Galatsi, Omorfoklisias Avenue.

Joya Kickboxing Championship 2012 poster

Joya Kickboxing Championship 2012 poster

Sponsored by Joya Hellas , the Fight Gear company , the best organized championship for amateur Kickboxing Fighters (styles Κ1 Rules , Light Kicks and Low Kicks ), in Greece, offers the opportunity to young fighters of any sex and A’ category Fighters to take place in a strong competition under the supervision of certified referees from P.O.K..

The coach of the Greek National Kickboxing team and the Theofanous Elite Team , Ioannis Theofanous , dedicated in the evolution and promotion of fighting sports in Greece , invite every team , coach and fighter in the country to compete in the 3rd round of Joya Kickboxing Championship 2012 .

Lets all unite and present to everyone, the most elegant and spectacular round of the championship… until the next and final round on the 15th and 16th of December 2012 .

In case you are interested in participating to this event, please contact Fight Club Central Gym reception and we will send you information in detail about all the requirements and the registration form .

Contact Details

Fight Club Central Gym

125 Veikou Avenue , 11147
Galatsi, Attica, Greece
E-mail :
Tel./Fax : +30 210 2915489

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