Battle 3 event announcement

Once again the beloved athlete of the Kick boxing and MMA event, Battle 3, Nikos Gikas, member of Theofanous Elite Team will face the most difficult opponent of the event Nikos Papadimitrioy from Thessaloniki. Many martial arts fans are waiting for this fight…which is certainly going to impress.

Let us all meet on Saturday 9th of June at the Olympic Center of Wrestling in Ano Liosia.

John Theofanous and Nikos Gkikas - Joya Kick boxing

John Theofanous – Nikos Gkikas

Battle 3 event

Battle 3 poster

The couples that will compete are the following:

  • Tikger Nordin (Moroko – Mallios Team) VS Andrea Danila (Romania – Vyzantinos)

    -86 kg (3 x 2′) – Κ1 Rules

  • Bill Themis (TUF) VS Stefanos Konstantinidis (Saint George Thessalonikis)

    -76 kg (2 x 5′) – MMA – FILA Rules

  • Kostas Tower Aggelis (Lions Camp) VS Pantelis Pateroydis (Loutraki Camp)

    -Heavywheight – (3 x 2′) – Κ1 Rules

  • John Palaiologos (Graccie Barra Grecce) VS George Kazazidis (Fight DNA Larisa)

    -82 kg – (2 x 5’) MMA – FILA Rules

  • Christine Mertoglou (ΖΕΝ) VS Io Karpoytzi (MMA GYM)

    -63kg – (3 x 2′) – Κ1 Rules

  • Theodoris Borisis (Ηouse Of Champions) VS Nick Politis (Byzantinos)

    -62kg – (3 x 1.5′) – Κ1 Rules

  • Kostas Gaitazis (Fight Gym Kavala) VS Baggelis Konstantinoy (Plexousakis Team)

    -75kg – (3 x 1.5′) – Κ1 Rules

  • John Antonaropoulos (ΒG ACADEMY) VS Pashalis Karaoulanis (BUDO GYM)

    -70kg – (3 x 1.5′) – Κ1 Rules

  • Panagiotis Anastasiadis (Ultra Fighters) VS Suleiman Rasouli (Kritikos Camp)

    -65 kg – (3 x 1.5’) – Κ1 Rules

Tickets on sale in the Fight Club Central Gym at the price of 20 € .

How to get to the event:

  1. From the exit numbet 5 of ATTIKHS street (is just one kilometer)
  2. With the subway, at ANO LIOSIA station (there will be transportation for free from and to the stadium).

Doors Open: 18:00 – PART ONE: 18:30 – PART TWO: 20:30