Fight Club Galatsi: Kickboxing travels “Down Under”!

The leading Kickboxing Team, Fight Club Galatsi, is preparing to win over Australia.

On the 18th of November Ioannis Michalopoulos , Nikos Kelekis and Nikos Gikas , members of the Theofanous Elite Team led by the Greek National Team’s Coach, Ioannis Theofanous, will be in Melbourne’s Coburg to participate in one of the best Kickboxing events of the year: the “ BRUTE FORCE 21 ”. An International event promoted by George Kolovos , founder of the TITANS Kickboxing / Muay Thai Club in Australia as well as member of the ISS in Thailand – a gym for professional K1 fighters .

Brute Force 21 poster - Australia

Ioannis Mihalopoulos is a member of the Greek National Kickboxing Team and a highly qualified fighter with numerous titles in the middleweight class (70kg). His upcoming challenge is to face Steve Moxon, Australia’s most “explosive” Kickboxing fighter. The fight might seem uneven, given that it will take place in Moxon’s homeland. However this just makes Michalopoulos even more determined, more eager to win !

Nikos Kelekis is an athlete himself and an Assistant Trainer to the professionals that have joined the Fight Club Central Gym. A fighter in the 80kg division , who recently pulled an impressive KNOCK OUT against Lefteris Hahamidis and who will very soon come to face an exceptional Australian rival, Daniel Way . Nik’s goal? Nothing less than to win the fight as he always does .

The 26-year old Nikos Gkikas is another fighter of the 70kg division . With numerous wins under his belt , he is an athlete who’s steadily rising to the top. His fight against Brendan Varity is a significant step in his career, as it can give it a “jump start” and make his name internationally recognized.

Along with their Coach, Ioannis Theofanous , and their physiotherapist, Michalis Sioulis , this team of fighters is on a mission to win and receive recognition for all their hard work and dedication . More importantly though, they also share another goal and that is to make Greek Expatriates glad to support them and most of all proud to be Greek at a time when Greece seems to be the center of negative publicity.

We would like to wish THE BEST for our TEAM!

Our thoughts and wishes will be with you throughout your journey and we will be here waiting for our champions to return home safely.

Go get them!