Knock Out 1 (After Champion)

Knock Out 1 Multi-Fight event 1 took place for the first time on Saturday 25th august 2012 at New Iraklitsa beach in Kavala.

It was a very successful organization which consisted of 9 games. The main fight of the event was a 5 rounds x 3 mins fight for the world WPKA title (79 kg) between the Greek fighter Giannis Sofokleous and his Turk opponent Yoruk Metin .

The Greek fighter won the world title offering excitement to the 1500 viewers. The strong presence of fight club central gym with 4 athletes, trilled the audience as always. Nikos Kelekis in his 2nd fight of the night won with K.O. after a high kick on Edie Paltantzis head.

Ο Νίκος Κελέκης στο Knock Out 1 Kavala

Nikos Kelekis at Knock Out 1 Multi-Fight event in Kavala.

Socrates Kerpatsi gave a great fight against a very good fighter (Costa Papadelis) but could not proceed to an extra round due to kick he received at the groin.

Thanassis Dragnev easily won Nikos Spanos at an MMA 2 round x 5 mins game. Finally, the young athlete of the Fight Club team, George Avramopoulos lost the game by Costas Gaitatzis, the athlete of Kavala.

It was one more excellent appearance from the Theofanous Elite Team members which is already preparing for the 2012-2013 season.

The Knock Out 1 results

WPKA Title K-1 Rules

  • Sofokleous vs Yoruk Metinc (TOY)
  • Winner of the world title WPKA: Sofokleous, with abandonment from the opponent in the 4th round.

K-1 Rules

  • Stoforides vs Hasbulut (TOY)
  • Winner: Stoforides, Κ.Ο (1st Round)

MMA (UFC rules)

  • Dragaev vs Spanos
  • Winner: Dragaev, by decision


  • Ioannidis vs Degirmenci (TOY)
  • Winner: Degirmenci, by decision

K-1 Rules

  • Κελέκης vs Παλτατζής
  • Winner: Κελέκης με ΚΟ στον γ΄ γύρο

K-1 Rules

  • Papadelis vs Kerpatsi
  • Winner: Papadelis Papadelis, Τ.Κ.Ο (by doctor’s decision – extra round given but Kerpatsi could not to continue due to injury)

K-1 Rules

  • Gaitages vs Avramopoulos
  • Winner: Gaitages, by decision

K-1 Rules

  • Papazoglou vs Αβραμίδης
  • Winner: Papazoglou, by decision