The Fight Club Galatsi Team flies to Australia!

The Fight Club Galatsi Team flies to Australia.

The time for international distinction for the Fight Club Galatsi team has arrived. Today at 18:00 our team departed from the airport Eleftherios Venizelos for Australia and their mission, headed by the federal coach Ioannis Theofanous, so that it can participate in the global tournament “Brute Force 21” in Coburg, Melbourne.

The team consists of the physical therapist Michael Sioulis, and the athletes Giannis Mixalopoulos , Nick Kelekis , and Nick Gigas , who on November 18th will confront major representatives of the Australian Combat Sports , in an important International tournament .

Our fighters are ready and devoted to give their best, acknowledging how important a Hellenic distinction is, in this challenging period of time for our country. This event is what makes them so dedicated , and enhances them with unwavering will for victory and for a valuable representation on a global level . In parallel, what characterizes them, is the desire to offer with their presence happiness and pride to hundreds of expatriates who will follow the tournament live .

The mission of Fight Club Galatsi is followed with love and respect by the thousands friends of the martial arts in Greece, but also our deep hopes that our fighters will have a major presence and return healthy and winners.

More photos from the departure of our team from the airport.