Versus Fight Night event end

On Saturday 23rd June 2012, for the first time in the Hellenic Kick boxing scene, the Versus Fight Night professional Kick boxing event took place. The event was promoted by Takis Petridis (Petridis V team Martial arts Club) and Joya Hellas.

The event was very carefully organized and the fans who watched the fights were pleased by the fighters’ performance in the ring.

15 Kick boxing – K1 Rules fights took place (3 rounds of 2 minutes each) with experienced and prospect Kick boxing fighters.

The following fighters from Theofanous elite team participated in the event: George Avramopoulos, Nikos Paramythiotis, Antonis Koukles, Loucas Stavros, Christos Kotsomytis and John Fezoulai.

The first four fighters won in the event pre-games. The rest participated in the final eight competing for the Versus Fight Night belt. Christos Kotsomitis won the favorite athlete Gkintersos Thanasis in the extra round while Giannis Fezoulai lost from the finalist of the event Gkionis Fotis in a very strong and subversive game.

The results from our athletes’ fights are::

Κ1 Rules 3 x 2

  • Chamilothoris Constantinos (DNS) vs Giorgos Avramopoulos (Fight Club Galatsi)

    Winner : Giorgos Avramopoulos

  • Paramythiotis Nikos (Fight Club Galatsi) vs Aris Bellos (Petrides Team)

    Winner: Nikos Paramythiotis

  • Tsakanikas Thomas (S.C. Agrinio) vs Antonis Kouklis (Fight Club Galatsi)

    Winner: Antonis Kouklis (Extra round)

  • Kampylis Nikos (Skopelitis Team) vs Loukas Stavros (Fight Club Galatsi)

    Winner: Loukas Stavros

  • Gkionis Fotis (Ioakimidis TEAM) vs Giannis Fezoulai (Fight Club Galatsi)

    Winner: Gkionis Fotis

  • Kotsomytis Christos (Fight Club Galatsi) vs Gkintersos Athanasios (TAO Ionia)

    Winner: Christos Kotsomytis (Extra round)

  • Gionis Fotis (Ioakimidis TEAM) vs Christos Kotsomytis (Fight Club Galatsi)

    Winner: Christos Kotsomytis

The rest of the fights were the following:

  • Panteloglou Eleftherios (Glory Club) vs Krimpas Giorgos (Monomahoi Chalkidas)

    Winner : George Krimbas

  • Panagiotarea Despina (Centaur MMA Gym) vs Stogianova Marieta (Glory Club)

    Winner: Stogianova Marieta

  • Pilihos Thanasis (Fight Club Aspropurgos) vs Poulikidis Vasilis (Petridis v Team)

    Winner: Pilihos Thanassis

  • Manouilidis (Magoulas DP) vs Giannis Pilihos (Fight Club Aspropyrgos)

    Winner: Giannis Pilihos

  • Filimonas Kyriakopoulos (Sozos Team) vs Michalis Kanaris (Monomahoi Chalkidas)

    Winner: Michalis Kanaris

  • Ialdi Andreas (Monomahoi Chalkidas) vs Kollaros (Petridis v Team)

    Winner: Ιaldi Andreas


  • Ialdi Andreas (Monomahoi Chalkidas) vs Michalis Kanaris (Monomahoi Chalkidas)

    Winner: Ialdi Andreas


  • Gkionis Fotis (Ioakimidis Team) vs Ialdi Andreas (Monomahoi Chalkidas)

    Winner: Gkionis Fotis

Few sample photographs from the event.

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