Joya Kickboxing Part III – Highlighted Fights and Schedule

Only few days before the 3rd part of JOYA Kickboxing Championship 2012, on Sunday 21 October, organized by Fight Club Galatsi and the Fight Gear company, Joya, along with another 150 fights in total, we are proud to announce some of the most important fights, that our fans will have the opportunity to watch at the indoors Basketball court Galatsi.

Three of the best Fight Club Galatsi and the Greek Kickboxing scene fighters, Giannis Michalopoulos, Nikos Kelekis and Nikos Gikas will have a final rehearsal, few weeks before they travel to Australia in order to attend the “Brute Force 21” event.

Complete Fight Schedule

Download in MS Excel format the schedule of all fights for 21st October 2012. The file is compressed with ZIP. Joya Kickboxing 2012 3rd part – fight schedule

Highlighted Fights

Fight Club Galatsi athletes will fight against Dionysis Gikas (Hantzopoulos Team), Gionis Fotis (Ioakimidis Team) and Dimitri Sila (Stofylas Team) respectively.

Another very strong fight will be conducted between Kostas Aggelis (Senekidis Team) and Aggarai Nikos (Pantazis Team Patras).

The matches of our fighters

Giannis Michalopoulos photo
Dionysis Gikas (Hantzopoulos Team)
Nikos Kelekis's photograph (Fight Club Galatsi)


Fotis Gionis (Ioakimidis Team)

Nikos Gikas's photograph (Fight Club Galatsi)


Genti Dimitri Sila (Stofylas Team)